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Picture Description Details Video
ConsoleSmall.jpg LineByLine User Interaction scenario organization. Ordinary Console strategy.

Multilingual support.

No details Download and see Movie... (Zip archive 640 Kb)
ObjectConsoleSmall.jpg Object-oriented Console. Based on interface components like PushButton, EditConrol etc., mouse based handling User-centered interaction.

Built on the PFC/Console. The concept is similar to PFC/GUI, including the event driven organization.

No multilingual support.

More Details ... Download and see Movie... (Zip archive 2.33 Mb)
ObjectWinSmall.jpg Windows-based User Interface. PFC/GUI concept used.

No multilingual support.

No details Download and see Movie... (Zip archive 2.9 Mb)

Known problem

After some value of the multiplication board size*amount of games in the serial games the application disappears. The reason is explained in the ‘’’Code’’’.

This problem is fixed in the release 12.