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The namespace 3rd is dedicated to descriptions of 3rd party packages, add-on's, applications, etc, which are available to fellow programmers.

Articles are in the 3rd namespace if the title has this format: 3rd:<title>.

It is advantageous, if you give your package/add-on/... a name, and then use 3rd:<name> as article title. (The name can have several words).

Remember to write:

  • How to obtain the package/add-on/...
  • Which license conditions that applies
  • Whether the package/add-on/... is free or not


  • QDBM a key->value database (GNU license).
  • VPcURL provides Visual Prolog bindings to the cURL library, which is a library for HTTP and FTP.
  • Tools & Support is an article about useful non-Visual Prolog tools and support sites.
  • RS232 packages for communicating via the RS232-interface of a computer.
  • EDB Class Builder A tool to generate a complete class using the External Database (chaindb), based on your domain structure,to include into VIP7 projects.
  • PROLEDIT A Simple Portable Editor
  • drawHTML A DLL written in VIP7.3 to draw and print HTML. i.e. it just draws nice text, but also has a callback to allow a menu functionality.
  • Layout A DLL written in VIP7.3 - container control allowing one or more child controls, with hiding, resizing and different layouts
  • Solution of Alphametic Puzzles E.g. SEND + MORE = MONEY.
  • TestDraw Started in written in VIP7.3, finished in 7.4. It is a standalone graphical program separating the task of the experiments with the colors, drawing modes and sizes rectangles for labels, scales and useful plot area. The program can make figures from input files created by external programs.
  • Colorful Reports within Scilex Controls This tool helps to design scilexer styles in order to distinguish titles, headers, body lines and footers of tables, error and warning messages withing a message window.
  • Travelling Salesman Problem This is a large VIP 7.5 program solving the stated problem, with generalizations. You can see the usage of colorful message windows, tooltips, the status bar, simple and tabbed dialogs, drawing to extended metafiles.
  • Life Game This is a simulation of biological competitions of animals.