3rd:Solution of Alphametic Puzzles

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The solution alphametic puzzles on my homepage The alphametic puzzles are the generalizations of the puzzles of type


You have to substitute same numbers for the same letters, different numbers for the different letters. Their special forms are the doubly true puzzles. A Hungarian example is


where the words for added numbers in a certain language form true sentence. TÍZ=ten in Hungarian, HÚSZ=twenty in Hungarian. TEN=TEN=TWENTY has no solution in English.


is a more complicated English doubly true cryptarithm.

German example: 2*SECHS=ZWOELF. In order accept Russian puzzles the program accepts Unicode input and writes Unicode output. Prolog version: VIP 7.2 PE. The help file written using VAHELP VAHELP Help Maker

I intended to follow the human way of the thinking instead of brute force full trial and error of all possible letter-digit matching. The program uses rules of divisibilty and comparision of mininal and maximal values of the left and right sides of the equations. Englishdoublytrue.jpg --Frank 09:38, 5 January 2011 (CET)