3rd:Travelling Salesman Problem

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The Traveling Salesman Problem

This contribution solves the Traveling Salesman Problem with the methods of brute force and simple stepwise greedy search. the program uses several tricks of the VIP 7.5 Personal Edition. Read at first its documentation files: help file used by its dialogs and help file describing algorithmic details and batch commands then contact with the author Ferenc Nagy.

The program reads user input from its dialogs and from batch files containing commands having fixed column widths. The first two columns contains keyword the remaining ones contain symbols, strings, or numbers. The interactive data entry may be logged in the format of the batch input files.

The original TSP problem is generalized: - the data sets may be two- or three dimensional, - the coordinate system may be Cartesian or spherical.

Inspecting and saving of the results They can be displayed in tabulated form within as child windows of the Task Window of the program. The contents of the windows can be coped and pasted anywhere. They can be directly saved to disk. The solutions can be plotted as extended metafiles.

Feel free to ask me about the programming experiences.