Game Polyline. Release 11 ObjectConsole


  • Switching between controls may be done using Tab. Control becomes active, when the cursor is blinking on it. Mouse clicking also makes the control active.
  • [Button] - action is invoked by using "Enter" of "Space". Mouse clicking may be used also.
  • 'EditControl' - operations available: ->,<-, del, home, end, char insertion.
  • |_|, |x| - checkbox changes it's status when "Enter" of "Space" pressed. Mouse clicking may be used also.
  • Listbox - items activated when up and down arrows used or mouse clicking.
  • The rest by the intuition


There was no special goal to create the set of classes, supporting the creation of the text style console-based applicaions, except the demonstration of the Visual Prolog 7.x features.

First it was just the intention to show how the Visual Prolog 7.x object system works with no Windows UI influence.

Second, we show here that the event-based applications may be created on the basis of the simple UI-platform like Console.

Many student appologize, that controls and events are the only Windows feature. Good teachers may explain how to program in Visual Prolog with no knowing the Windows concept.

Possible problems

We do not garantee the comptele perfect functionality, because of the Object Console is the only demonstration of the Visual Prolog 7.x features.

We also had no goal to make the full set of UI elements.