Visual Prolog for Tyros


Visual Prolog for Tyros is a comprehensive book written by Eduardo Costa.

It is a good starting point to study Visual Prolog. And it might be used by teachers for education.

The latest edition of the book is "Visual Prolog 7.3 for Tyros".

The book includes a number of examples illustrating different features of Visual Prolog.


I Savoir-faire

  1. Introduction
  2. Forms
  3. Mouse events
  4. Less Figures
  5. Horn Clauses
  6. Console Applications
  7. Grammars
  8. Painting
  9. Data types
  10. How to solve it in Prolog
  11. Facts
  12. Classes and Objects
  13. Giuseppe Peano
  14. L-Systems
  15. Games
  16. Animation
  17. Text Editor
  18. Printing
  19. Tab forms and other goodies
  20. Bugs
  21. A Data Base Manager
  22. Books and articles

II Artificial Intelligence

  1. Search
  2. Neural Networks
  3. Alpha Beta Pruning


Examples from the book