Visual Prolog 9 New Features


Visual Prolog 9 has a number of new language features.

Build 900



  • More encryption support through the classes crypt, cryptHash and bCrypt_api.
  • Support for JSON Web Tokens (jwt).
  • Support for Password Hashing.
  • OLE drag and drop and clipboard support.
  • Support for Slim Reader/Writer locks (srwLock)
  • New package winHttp_api for client side HTTP/HTTPS operations.


  • jsonWebToken demonstrates how to create and unpack JSON Web Tokens (jwt) and a way to hash passwords.
  • tail a program that display changes to files as they happens (e.g. for live following of log files).
  • dragDropTargetOle that illustrates how OLE drag and drop and clipboard handling can be used.

Build 901

Build 901 fixes bugs as listed below.


  • Constant used in inline attribute is used
  • Code generation for ~~ breaks stack
  • retired entities should not cause inheritance ambiguities


  • The PIE example could not be compiled on Windows 7 computers (and earlier).


Build 902

Build 902 fixes a runtime bug with finalizers (see Memory corruption in finalizer).

Build 903

Build 903 fixes issues in the debugger.

Build 904

Build 904 fixes issues a number of issues in reported build 903.

  • The IDE triggers an exception dump.
  • VIP 9.03 Optimal Includes Exception The involved readonly file will not nee update.
  • Naming of resource identifies have been reverted to the Visual Prolog 8 conventions [1]

Build 905

Build 905 fixes a number of IDE and debugger issues reported in build 904.

Build 906

Build 906 changes:

See also

See also Visual Prolog 9 Upgrade Notes.