Tutorial Project. Releases 8-10

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Written by Victor Yukhtenko. Email: victor@pdc.spb.su

The programs listed below are part of the Evolutions Tutorial Project article.

Game description

The game is played on an M x N board.

Game rules

  • Each player on his turn adds a new point. The point must prolong the existing Polyline (or start the Polyline, if it doesn't exist).
  • The resulting Polyline must be non-interrupted and each move can be taken in any of end of the line.
  • The player, which locks the line (the point is set on the polyline), wins.

Release 8 (Project PolyLine8)

Differences (relative to release 7):

Code reorganized. Each class now placed in the separate package

Release 9 (Project PolyLine9)

Differences (relative to release 8):

Code reorganized. Each class is dinamic class, which generates the object.

Release 10 (Project PolyLine10)

Differences (relative to release 9):

Multi Game mode now can be repeated
Code reorganized. Communication with Players based now on events.

The Polyline10 Project uses the NotificationAgency Package, which is a part of the PdcSpb SDK. To build the Polyline10 project you must define the IDE valriable SpbSolutions as the path to the SpbSolutions directory.

To study and run the program please make the steps as follows:

  • Download the PdcSpb SDK Examples Polyline 7-10]
  • Install the examples according to the ReadmeEn.html file
  • Open the interested project (Polyline8...Polyline10)
  • Build and Run the project

The language of the application may be defined in the command line by the language identifier:

  • en - English
  • ru - Russian

When running the program from the IDE, the parameter of the language must be placed to the field "Project Settings"\Run Options\Run Arguments, available from menu Project\Settings...