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Project Description
ObjectWin0/Polyline12_ObjWindows The code of the class SeniourJudge is modified to make it clear the of the interaction of players and the class JuniourJudge. The player model Computer00 added. The Player Computer00 makes always the same special move. The class JuniourJudge recognizes this special move, doesn't show it on the board and informs the SeniourJudge about move occurrence. Thus the next move may be done. The maximal amount of moves is defined by the constant playLimit_C in the class JuniourJudge. The problem appears when playLimit_C=10000.
ObjectWin1/Polyline12_ObjWindows The first step of the modification of the code to solve the problem. The recursive mechanism of the organization of moves is replaced by the iterative mechanism. The application works stable when playLimit_C=100000. The multigame mode and the interruption process is not modified correctly.
ObjectWin2/Polyline12_ObjWindows The final version. All modes can run correctly. Test player Computer00 can play, when playLimit_C=100000.