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Visual Prolog is provided as:

  • The free Personal Edition
  • The paid Commercial Edition

Programs produced with the Personal Edition can only be used in non-commercial and personal contexts, for other usages the program must be developed and build with the Commercial Edition.

The Commercial Edition have additional functionality:

  • It can produce 64-bit executables
  • It can produce DLL's
  • It can bind to COM and Active/X components
  • It has additional library support
  • It comes with additional tools

The additional library support in the Commercial Edition should not be necessary for personal non-commercial usage. It includes things like

  • ODBC support
  • Cryptography
  • Interprocess communication
  • HTTP server and client functionality
  • ...

There are additional examples in the Commercial Edition covering some of the extra library functionality.

The additional tools should not be necessary for personal non-commercial usage:

  • A command line project builder vipBuilder.exe for use in scripts
  • A Solution Manager for managing multiple projects as a "unit"
  • A Coverage Analysis tool
  • A tool xmlSerializerGenerator.exe for generating XML parser/writer from XSD files
  • A tool MemProfileAnalysis.exe for memory profiling Visual Prolog programs
  • Integration to SourceGear Vault version control system