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Online Visual Prolog Books

Visual Prolog Books

Turbo Prolog books

  • Neil C. Rowe, Artificial Intelligence Through Prolog, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1988, ISBN 0-13-048679-5, available online.
  • Herbert Schildt, Advanced Turbo Prolog,McGraw-Hill Inc, 1987, ISBN 0-078-81285-2
  • Dan Shafer, Advanced Turbo Prolog Programming, Howard W. Sams & Company, 1987, ISBN 0-672-22573-5
  • Keith Weiskamp and Terry Hengl, Artificial Intelligence Programming with Turbo Prolog, John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1988, ISBN 0-471-62752-6
  • Safaa H. Hashim and Philip Seyer, Turbo Prolog, Advanced Programming Techniques, TAB BOOKS Inc, 1988, ISBN 0-8306-9308-3
  • Safaa H. Hashim, Exploring Hypertext Programming - Writing Knowledge Representation and Problem-solving Programs, Windcrest Books, 1990, ISBN 0-8306-3208-5

General Prolog Books

  • Patrick Blackburn, Johan Bos, Kristina Striegnitz, Learn Prolog Now!, College Publications, 2006, ISBN 1-904987-17-6
  • Neil C Rowe, Artificial Intelligence Through Prolog, Prentice-Hall, Inc, 1988, ISBN 0-13-0449362-7
  • W.F. Clocksin C.S. Mellish, Programming in Prolog, Springer-Verlag, 1984, ISBN 3-540-15011-0
  • Leon Sterling and Ehud Shapiro, E, Art of Prolog Advanced Programming Techniques, 1994, ISBN 0-262-19338-8
  • Ivan Bratko, PROLOG Programming for Artificial Intelligence, 3rd. ed., Addison Wesley Pub Co, 2001, ISBN 0-201-40375-7
  • Michael A. Covington, Natural Language Processing for Prolog Programmers, Prentice-Hall Inc, 1994 available from the authors online at NLPPP-Text, as well as program files NLPPP-Source.
  • Michael A. Covington, Donald Nute, Andre Vellino, Prolog Programming in Depth, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1997, ISBN 0-13-138645-X available from the authors online at PPID-Text, as well as PPID-Source

Books in Other Languages





  • Марков В.Н. Современное логическое программирование на языке Visual Prolog 7.5: учебник - СПб:БХВ-Петербург, 2016 - 544 с. ISBN 978-5-9775-3487-1

See Also

  • Buy Visual Prolog - related books on
  • Erkki Laitila. Symbolic Analysis as a Basis for Program Comprehension, VDM Verlag, 2009, ISBN-10: 363916833X.
  • Search Google Books for books, papers, and manuals on Visual Prolog
  • Search Google Scholar for scholarly literature (books, papers, articles, and theses on Visual Prolog
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