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The namespace 3rd is dedicated to descriptions of 3rd party packages, add-on's, applications, etc, which are available to fellow programmers.

Articles are in the 3rd namespace if the title has this format: 3rd:<title>.

It is advantageous, if you give your package/add-on/... a name, and then use 3rd:<name> as article title. (The name can have several words).

Remember to write:

  • How to obtain the package/add-on/...
  • Which license conditions that applies
  • Whether the package/add-on/... is free or not

Also check-out http://www.arsaniit.com/prolog-tools


  • QDBM a key->value database (GNU license).
  • Scintilla Editor Control custom control wraps the scintilla editor.
  • SCS - Simple Client Server a package for creating client server solutions.
  • VPcURL provides Visual Prolog bindings to the cURL library, which is a library for HTTP and FTP.
  • Tools & Support is an article about useful non-Visual Prolog tools and support sites.
  • RS232 packages for communicating via the RS232-interface of a computer.
  • Fast Articifial Neural Networks (FANN) bindings to the FANN library.
  • VIC - VIP7 IDE companion VIC provides 2 major tools, and a few little utilities, to help with the development of VIP7 projects.
  • EDB Class Builder A tool to generate a complete class using the External Database (chaindb), based on your domain structure,to include into VIP7 projects.
  • PROLEDIT A Simple Portable Editor
  • drawHTML A DLL written in VIP7.3 to draw and print HTML. i.e. it just draws nice text, but also has a callback to allow a menu functionality.
  • Layout A DLL written in VIP7.3 - container control allowing one or more child controls, with hiding, resizing and different layouts
  • Solution of Alphametic Puzzles E.g. SEND + MORE = MONEY.