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Written by Victor Yukhtenko. Email: victor@pdc.spb.su

The programs listed below are part of the Evolutions Tutorial Project article.

Game Rules ...


To demonstrate the features of the Visual Prolog programming language and system features.

  • The package organization of the project.


No changes.


  • Tested with Visual Prolog 7.3 build 7302.
  • Each class now placed in the separate package


To get the full set of projects of the series of the Polyline projects, please download archives using links at PDC forum:

  • VipSpbSDK_PE_73_Examples_Polyline_1_14.zip
  • VipSpbSDK_PE_73_Tools_Polyline_1_14.zip]

to any convenient directory. The directory named VipSpbSDK will be created automatically.

If you have the VipSpbSDK installed, then please open project Examples\Polyline\Polyline8\Polyline8.prj.


  • While building the project answer "Add All", when any dialog with proposals to include packages to the project appears.
  • Run the application using the E of the IDE or run the executable at the directory EXE.
  • The language of the application may be defined in the command line by the language identifier:
    • en - English
    • ru - Russian
  • When running the program from the IDE, the parameter of the language must be placed to the field "Project Settings"\Run Options\Run Arguments, available from menu Project\Settings...