Tutorial Project. Release 13

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The Release 13 is the next iteration of the Tutorial Project, where the functional idea is the easy game (Polyline).

Game Rules ...


The purpose of the Release 13 is to demonstrate the implementation of the different ways of the communication of the main application with the parts of the application, which are placed to the DLL (Dynamically Linked Library). The same time we demonstrate the practice of the rising and handling of exceptions.

The specialities of the Release 13

The set of projects

The Release 13 contains the set strongly dependent projects - the project of the main application and projects of three DLLs, where DLL has the special project to build it.

The set of projects contains:

  • The Project ModelsDLL (generates the DLL), where models of the computer strategies of the game Computer0, Computer1, Computer2 are placed.
  • The Project Computer3DLL (generates the DLL), where the model of the strategy Computer3 is placed (the project included to the only commercial release; in the noncommercial version the only DLL presents).
  • The Project HumanInterfaceDLL (generates the DLL), where classes related to the HumanInterface are placed (included to the commercial release only; in the noncommercial version the only DLL presents). This DLL is called using the library, which used while the main application building.
  • Project ObjectWin - the project of the main executable application.

The same functionality

The behavior of applications of the Release 13 is the same as the behavior of applications of the Release 11, 12. The only difference is the DLL-related violations exceptions reacting.

Download and Install

To install and run the set of projects of the Release 13:

  • Download archives
    • PdcSpbSDK_13_Classes.zip
    • PdcSpbSDK_72_PE_Examples_Polyline13_Programs.zip,

using the PDC forum page VIP-Tools and Examples

  • Extract archives listed above to the same directory. You should have in mind, that each of the archives creates the structure of the folders with the root PdcSpbSDK. Repetitions are possible. The result the structure of the Release 13 should look like:



Open, build and run (using VIP 7.2):

  • Programs/ModelsDLL/ModelsDLL.prj. The warning while the compilation of the projects, points to the invalid declaration created specially. This invalid declaration demonstrates the handling of the error in the DLL while the execution of the application.
  • Programs/Computer3DLL/Computer3DLL.prj (only in the commercial version)
  • Programs/HumanInterfaceDLL/HumanInterfaceDLL.prj (only in the commercial version)
  • Programs/ObjectWin/Polyline13_ObjWindows.prj

To build projects the IDE variable SpbSolutions must be set to the PdcSpbSDK directory. The language of the application, if supported, may be defined in the command line by the language identifier:

  • en - English
  • ru - Russian