Solution Manager


Sometimes a single "project" contains many Visual Prolog projects (having several exeutables and several dll's). In such contexts you need an easy way to deal with the collecion of projects, and for example build all projects. The solution manager is a tool for such projects.

A solution is a collection of Visual Prolog projects. The solution manager is a tool that maintains solutions and can assist with various tasks. Notably it can build all the projects in the solution in a single operation.

Solutions are stored in *.vipsln files. Solution files can either be:

  • a collection of explicitly specified Visual Prolog project files, or
  • a collection of directories, implicitly specifying all projects in subdirectories of these diectories


The Solution Editing section is used to add and remove projects/directories. The Project Actions are used to build projects of open the coprresponding project in an IDE.

The top pane of the solution manager shows the projects in the solution, and the lower pane shows a log of what has taken place, inlcuding the a log of build processes.