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The reference to the standard Visual Prolog library, the Prolog Foundation Classes, is contained within Visual Prolog itself. This ensures that you will always be viewing the correct documentation for the version of Visual Prolog you are using.

To view the Library Reference for your copy of Visual Prolog, follow the steps below:

From within Visual Prolog

  • Create a project and open one of its source files (.pro files) in the text editor.
  • Place the text cursor over the name of a PFC library or predicate and press F1.

If pressing F1 opens this Wiki on a page related to getting started or the text editor, then the text cursor was not over the name of a PFC library or predicate when you pressed F1. (Note that the text cursor must be over the name, not the mouse cursor.)

If you are writing a new program or learning Visual Prolog, you can place the cursor on the word core of the open core line at the top of the project template. Once the Library Reference is open you can view the documentation for any class.

Without Visual Prolog

If you wish to browsre the PFC reference without connecting to the Visual Prolog IDE, you can find it by opening the directory where you installed Visual Prolog (usually \Program Files (x86)\Visual Prolog 9 or the appropriate version number) and looking in the subfolder appData\doc. Double clicking the file vip.chm will open the Library Reference.