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In the bin subdirectory you can find the SetupExamples.msi setup program file with which you can install Visual Prolog examples. The default subdirectory for examples is "Visual Prolog <version> Examples". In the SetupExamples.msi program you can set it as subdirectory of your main Visual Prolog directory or somewhere else.

Visual Prolog Personal Edition Examples

askDialogDemo This program demonstrates how to program dialogs that ask the user for something and return an answer.
buttonDemo This program demonstrates how to handle OK and Cancel buttons, how to handle default buttons, how to handle button responders
diskUsage This example demonstrates usage of the PFC fileSystem package to get information about files in different specified directories. The PFC VPI/vpiTreeView package is used as a GUI interface end.
editor This example demonstrates how to open editor and save edited text.
formWindowDemo This program demonstrates a simple form and how a new form can be created dynamically.
GDIplus The examples demonstrates drawing pictures using GDI .
GUIDemo This example demonstrates how to manipulate with dialogs and controls in conventional GUI applications. It also demonstrates difference between class and object facts.
listDemo This program demonstrates how to handle list button, list edit and list control.
listViewDemo This example demonstrates how you can create dialogs with vpiListView controls using the PFC VPI/vpiListView package.
mdiWin This MDI mode example demonstrates how to change the standard "Windows" submenu items with user-defined items.
MultiThreadDemo This example demonstrates how to create the multi-thread application and handle interactions between threads. In the example, each thread produces the results in the single (common for all threads) "queue", and the primary thread reads them one by one and displays on the screen.
pictureDraw This example demonstrates how to draw pictures using the GdiPlusX.lib containing some graphical primitives. The example declares the gdiPlus package. The package maintains drawing pictures using the GdiPlusX.lib graphical primitives. The pictWin package contains invocations of drawing predicates for BMP and JPG files.


This example demonstrates a GUI Prolog Inference Engine (PIE) interpreter program. It uses a standard Prolog syntax (K&M) and releases the most popular set of predicates.

prologSourceBrowser This is an example of using such pfc\gui controls as treeViewControl, listViewControl and editorControl.
radioButtonDemo This program demonstrates how to use single radio button group, multiple radio button groups or how to use check boxes.
SandClocks The example demonstrates: How to program a simple enumeration of possibilities algorithm to solve the goal: "There are several sand clocks. How can we measure a given time interval?"
StreamDemo The example demonstrates Visual Prolog streams: outputStream_string, outputStream_file, console::getConsoleOutputStream. It also illustrates that facts databases can be written to any outputStream.
Sudoku A currently very popular logical Sudoku puzzle is used as an example. We show how such a problem can be solved using constraint programming and explain a simple approach to finite domains constraint solving. Furthermore, we show how to build an interactive GUI that visualizes the workings of the constraint solver.
tabControlDemo This program demonstrates how to handle tab control.
toolTipDemo Example demonstrates most aspects and styles of tooltips.
validationDemo This program demonstrates how to use validation. Validation is usually a check, which is performed on pressing OK button. Such check makes sure that all necessary controls with input values contains valid values.


Visual Prolog Commercial Edition Examples

BITS Example
CallProcess An example of an external process invocation.
CGI A CGI version of the Towers of Hanoi puzzle.
Com These examples illustrate how COM components can be created by Visual Prolog and how COM components can be used from Visual Prolog program.
DDE This directory contains examples demonstrating Windows DDE interprocess communications. In the Server and Client subdirectories there are examples of a DDE server and a DDE client applications. The DDE client initiates and controls A communication with the DDE server. In the Office subdirectory there is an example of a DDE client applications, which can communicate with Microsoft Office programs. (With the MS Word, for example.) All programs use the vpiDDE class from PFC VPI package.
Dll The examples illustrates how to create and use Prolog DLLs.
dragNdropDemo This project demonstrates how to use the pfc/gui/dragNdrop package for application-wide drag-and-drop support.
ESTA Expert System Shell.
gridControlDemo This program contains an example of Grid Control and demonstrates how to use it.
GridForm This example demonstrates how to can create grid controls.
isApiDemo The example demonstrates creating an ISAPI DLL.
MSXML Example
OdbcDemo This rather complex example demonstrates Visual Prolog ODBC connections. This is a GUI application providing several different complex functions. It uses the PFC ODBC package.
Parser Generator
ribbonDemo This demo project illustrates how to develop applications using the Ribbon and Command packages of pfc/gui.
shellDDEdemo This project demonstrates how to easily integrate Visual Prolog with Windows Shell (Explorer).
simpleOdbc This is an extremely simple example (comparing with the complex OdbcDemo) also demonstrating A ODBC connection. This is console application, which can open only the supplied odbc.mdb database and providing minimal functions. It uses the PFC ODBC package.
useVipInDotNet This example shows how to create and use Visual Prolog DLLs from Visual Basic applications under Dot Net. The example supplies sources for both Visual Prolog and Visual Basic projects.
WebBrowser This example demonstrates how you can easy program full functioning WEB Browser in Visual Prolog. The example uses Microsoft ActiveX WebBrowser control.