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==== BlaBlaBla ====
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{{:IDE/IDE Options/BlaBlaBla}}

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IDE Options - Tools | Options Command

The IDE environment options can be set/view in the Options dialog.

File:Options General.png


It is possible to specify font for all IDE windows. MonoType font is used in Disassembly, Registers, etc windows.

Choose ... push button activates the Windows system Font dialog where the user can choose the font and font size, which should be used.

Messages Window

It is possible to specify how the Messages window should be displayed.

Messages Window Keep "XXX" lines

Specifies the maximum number of lines to keep in the Messages window buffer. It is the maximum number of (recently displayed) lines, which can be scrolled back (in the Messages window).

Glue to the Left/Top/Right/Bottom/ Edge

Specify the location where the Messages window (relative to the borders of the IDE task window) should be displayed.


Specifies the fully qualified filename of the optional Microsoft Linker.


Here can be specified external graphical editors that are activated by the IDE to edit .BMP, .ICO, or .CUR files.


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