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{{ideNavbar|IDE Options}}
= IDE Options - Tools | Options Command =
The IDE environment options can be set/view in the <span>'''Options'''</span> dialog.
== Font ==
It is possible to specify font for all IDE windows. MonoType font is used in Disassembly, Registers, etc windows.
<span>'''Choose ...'''</span> push button activates the Windows system <span>'''Font'''</span> dialog where the user can choose the font and font size, which should be used.
== Messages Window ==
It is possible to specify how the <span class="bold">Messages</span> window should be displayed.
'''Messages Window Keep "XXX" lines'''
Specifies the maximum number of lines to keep in the <span>'''Messages'''</span> window buffer. It is the maximum number of (recently displayed) lines, which can be scrolled back (in the <span>'''Messages'''</span> window).
<span>'''Glue to the '''</span><span style="x-text-underline: normal"><u>'''L'''</u></span><span>'''eft/'''</span><span style="x-text-underline: normal"><u>'''T'''</u></span><span>'''op/'''</span><span style="x-text-underline: normal"><u>'''R'''</u></span><span>'''ight/'''</span><span style="x-text-underline: normal"><u>'''B'''</u></span><span>'''ottom/ Edge'''</span><br />
Specify the location where the <span>'''Messages'''</span> window (relative to the borders of the IDE task window) should be displayed.
== Linker ==
Specifies the fully qualified filename of the optional Microsoft Linker.
== Images ==
Here can be specified external graphical editors that are activated by the IDE to edit <span>'''.BMP'''</span>, <span>'''.ICO'''</span>, or <span>'''.CUR'''</span> files.

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