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The table below shows Visual Prolog accelerator keys by functions.




Copy Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Ins
Copy Position Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C
Cut Ctrl-X or Shift-Del
Paste Ctrl-V or Shift-Ins
Undo Ctrl-Z
Redo Ctrl-Y or Ctrl-Shift-Z
Select All Ctrl-A
Select Current Word Ctrl-W
Delete Del
Delete Line Ctrl-Shift-L
Delete to End of Line Ctrl-Shift-E
Delete to Start of Line Ctrl-Shift-H
Word Delete To End Ctrl-Del
Replace Ctrl-H
Lower Case Ctrl-U
Upper Case Ctrl-Shift-U
Toggle Case Ctrl-Alt-U
Zoom In Ctrl-[+] or Ctrl-Mouse wheel up
Zoom Out Ctrl-[-] or Ctrl-Mouse wheel down
Zoom to Normal Ctrl-0
Comment Line(s) Ctrl-Alt-5
Uncomment Line(s) Ctrl-Alt-Shift-5
Duplcate Line Ctrl-Alt-R
Add qualification Ctrl-Shift-S
Insert Date Stamp Ctrl-Shift-Y


Find Ctrl-F
Find in Files Ctrl-Shift-F
Find Next F3
Find Previous Shift-F3
Last Searchs Result Window Ctrl-Alt-S
Locate in Project Tree Ctrl-T
Go Back Ctrl-Shift-F8
Go to Address Ctrl-G
Go to Definition F12


Go To Declaration Ctrl-F12


Go to Related Files Ctrl-R
Go to Executing Predicate Source Ctrl-E
Go To Line Ctrl-F2
Go To Position on Clipboard Shift-F2
Go To Next Error F8
Go To Previous Error Shift-F8
Go To Next Bookmark F6
Go To Previous Bookmark Shift-F6
Window Navigation Dialog Ctrl-Tab or Ctrl-F6
Set/Remove bookmark Ctrl-K


Build Ctrl-Shift-B
Stop Build Ctrl-Break
Build Resource Only Alt-F8
Compile Ctrl-F7
Rebuild Project Ctrl-Shift-Alt-B
Run Ctrl-F5
Run in Window Alt-F5
32 bit Platform Ctrl-Alt-3
64 bit Platform Ctrl-Alt-6


Start Debugging F5
Run Debugging Skipping Soft Breakpoints Ctrl-Shift-F10
Stop Debugging Shift-F5
Restart Debugging Ctrl-Shift-F5
Refresh Debug Window Ctrl-R
CallStack Window Ctrl-Alt-C
Variable Window Ctrl-Alt-V
Watch Window Ctrl-Alt-W
Facts Window Ctrl-Alt-F
Delete Object from Facts Tree Retract Fact(s) Ctrl-Del
Threads Window Ctrl-Alt-H
Modules Window Ctrl-Alt-L
Exceptions Window Ctrl-Alt-X
Breakpoints Window Ctrl-Alt-B
Bookmarks Window Ctrl-Alt-K
Disassembly Window Ctrl-Alt-D
Disassembly Window from Current Line Ctrl-D
Registers window Ctrl-Alt-G
Memory Dump 1 Window Ctrl-Alt-M
Toggle Breakpoint F9
Toggle Hard/Soft Breakpoint Ctrl-F9
Breakpoint Properties Alt-F9
Breakpoint -> Bookmark Ctrl-Alt-F9
Bookmark -> Breakpoint Ctrl-Alt-F9
Step Into F11
Step out of Shift-F11
Step Over F10
Run To Cursor Ctrl-F10


New Project Ctrl-Shift-N
Open Project Ctrl-Shift-O
Add Module to Project Ctrl-Shift-A
Create Project Item Ctrl-N
Create Project Item in Existing Package Ctrl-Alt-N


Code Expert Ctrl-Shift-W
Close all other editors Ctrl-Q
Prune open editors Ctrl-Shift-Q
Close the active window Ctrl-F4
Project window Ctrl-Alt-P
Project Settings Alt-F7
Open File Ctrl-O
Save File F2
Save Project Ctrl-S
Source Browser Ctrl-B


Help F1
Messages Window Ctrl-Alt-O
Error/Warnings Window Ctrl-Alt-E
Print Ctrl-P
Exit IDE Alt-F4