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| Ctrl-P
| Ctrl-P
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A number of Visual Prolog menu entries have accelerator keys (hot keys) associated with them.

Beginning with Visual Prolog 7.0 some key binding have been changed to comply with Microsoft de facto standards. The table below shows Visual Prolog 7.0 accelerator keys by functions.




Copy Ctrl-C
Cut Ctrl-X
Paste Ctrl-V
Paste Ctrl-Ins
Undo Ctrl-Z
Redo Ctrl-Y
Redo Ctrl-Shift-Z
Select All Ctrl-A
Select Current Word Ctrl-W
Box Editor: Size To Content Shift-F6
Code Expert Ctrl+Shift+W
Delete Line Ctrl-Shift-L
Delete the current line Ctrl-K
Delete to End of Line Ctrl-Shift-E
Word Delete To End

Delete Object from Facts Tree Retract Fact(s)

Insert Predicate Ctrl-Shift-I
Replace Ctrl-H
Lower Case Ctrl-U
Upper Case Ctrl-Shift-U
Toggle Case Ctrl-Alt-U


Find Ctrl-F
Find in Files Ctrl-Shift-F
Find Next F3
Locate in Project Tree Ctrl-T
View Current Position Shift-F4
Go Back Ctrl+Shift+F8
Go to Address Ctrl-G
Go to Definition F12


Go To Declaration Ctrl-F12


Go To Definition
Go to Executing Predicate Source Ctrl-E
Go To Facts Database Ctrl+Alt+F
Go To Line Ctrl-F2
Go To Next Error F8
Go To Position on Clipboard Shift-F2
Go To Previous Error Shift-F8


Build Ctrl-Shift-B
Stop Build Ctrl-Break
Build Resource Only Alt-F8
Compile Ctrl-F7
Rebuild Project Ctrl-Shift-Alt-B
Run Ctrl-F5
Run in Window Alt-F5
Locate in Project Tree Ctrl-T


Start Debugging F5
Stop Debugging Shift-F5
Breakpoint Properties Alt-F9
Refresh Debug Window Ctrl-R
Registers window Ctrl-Alt-G
Breakpoints Window Ctrl-Alt-B
CallStack Window Ctrl-Alt-C
Disassembly Window Ctrl-Alt-D
Variable window Ctrl-Alt-V
Memory Dump 1 Window Ctrl-Alt-M
Threads Window Ctrl-Alt-H
Enable Breakpoint Ctrl-F9
Toggle Breakpoint F9
Step Into F11
Step out of Shift-F11
Step Over F10
Run To Cursor Ctrl-F10


New Project Ctrl-Shift-N
Open Project Ctrl-Shift-O
Add Module to Project Ctrl-Shift-A
Create Project Item Ctrl-N


"Qualification…" Dialog Ctrl-Shift-S
Close all Editors Ctrl+Q
Close all Inactive Editors Ctrl+Shift+Q
Close the active window Ctrl-F4
Project window Ctrl-Alt-P
Project Settings Alt-F7
Save File F2
Save Project Ctrl-S
Source Browser Ctrl-B


Help F1
Output Ctrl-Alt-O
Print Ctrl-P