Ide/Creating new Project Items/Creating a Text File


Creating a Text File

To create a new text file in the project you should use the File | New IDE command. In the left pane of the opened Create Project Item dialog you should select Text File. Then the dialog accepts the following shape:

The New TextFile Dialog


In the Name edit control you should type in the name of the text file (the TextModule.pack on the picture).
Notice that if you type in a filename without a filename extension, then the default extension .TXT is added.

Parent Directory

In the Parent Directory you should type in or select (using the Browse button) the parent directory. The created text file will be placed into this directory.

Add to Project as Module

If it is checked ON, then the created text file will be seen in the Project Tree in the Project window.
Notice that this feature is relatively smart. Its behavior depends upon the filename extension of the text file. If you specify the .PACK extension, for example TextModule.pack, then the IDE understands that the created file can be a real project module (can be a compilation unit) and adds to the project make scripts correspondent commands to compile the module and use the obtained object (.OBJ) file for project linking.
If Add to Project as Module is checked OFF, then the created text file will NOT be seen in the Project Tree in the Project window, and it will not be registered as a project module.

After you fill in all required settings for a new text file, you can press the Create button.