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  • ...t (IDE).The IDE is used to create, develop and maintain your Visual Prolog projects. ...n that the target should be a GUI program, i.e. a program with a graphical user interface.
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  • ...items, etc.), and how these are implemented within''' GUI''' style Visual Prolog programs. We will learn how to program dialogs, etc. ...ages contain the '''VPI''' package, which can be used to program Graphical User Interface applications. But '''VPI''' package classes do not produce GUI ob
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  • Visual Prolog 7.2 introduces many new features and improvements. The new release improves Visual Prolog stability and includes a lot of bug fixes.
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  • Usually, an <vp>#export</vp> compiler directives can be used in projects, which target modules are DLLs. It enumerates classes declared in a DLL, wh ...uires</vp>, <vp>#orrequires</vp>, and <vp>#error</vp> can be used to issue user-defined messages into a listing file while compilation of project modules a
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  • DLL-based component technology (The Visual Prolog Puzzle or VPPZL or just PZL) is the set of agreements to build VIP-based ap As to Visual Prolog the VIP package is the example of the component, which is represented via t
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  • ...ility to include the pzl-system to the applicaions, created by the Visual Prolog programming system and to register pzl-components. ...lity of the Elementary PzlStudio is coordinated with the IDE of the Visual Prolog system.
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  • Elementary PzlStudio has no feature to create new executable applications projects, which contain the pzl-system embedded. But Elementary PzlStudio gives the ...ystem. The target project must be chosen as the Project file of the Visual Prolog programming system with the file extension .prj6.
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  • *Visual Prolog Location (reference information, no need to change) *User PzlConteiners Location
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  • ...pened project. The Elementary PzlStudio cannot deal with the Visual Prolog projects fully. The Elementary Studio performs the elementary operation, which creat the name of the directory, which was set in the [[Setting Basic Options#User PzlComponents|Basic Options]]. If you have no reasons to change the directo
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  • Symbolic Analysis written in Visual Prolog can be used in modeling typical formal systems, which meet requirements for Obs. In PDC Prolog there are numerous examples of Prolog domains written for
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  • ...create new Visual Prolog Projects and to change some settings of existing projects. '''Note.''' DLL option is available for the Visual Prolog Commercial Edition only.
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  • ''Forms'' can be created in any Graphical User Interface projects (see description of forms in the GUI package overview in the PFC part of He ...the automatically generated code. This ''name'' should be a correct Visual Prolog name. It should be any sequence of letters, digits, and underscores, beginn
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  • {{ideNavbar|IDE Projects}} ...Examples.msi''' program you can set it as subdirectory of your main Visual Prolog directory or somewhere else.
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