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[[ru:Заглавная страница]]
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Welcome to the Visual Prolog wiki

This wiki is dedicated to the Visual Prolog programming language and related tools and libraries.

We are proud that so many enthusiastic users put such a great effort into Visual Prolog. We hope and trust that this wiki will serve as a significant platform for knowledge exchange in the community.


If you are new to Visual Prolog you may start with Getting Started and the Tutorials.

The Language Reference is also on the wiki, as are instructions for looking up the Library Reference within Visual Prolog itself.


To contribute to this wiki, send an e-mail to support@visual.prolog.com to get an account on the wiki.

Automatic account creation has been closed due to misuse.

3rd party packages and add-ons

The wiki has a name space dedicated to 3rd party packages and add-on's.


PDC is the company behind Visual Prolog.

Wiki software and help

The wiki is based on MediaWiki software, which is also used for Wikipedia. If you need help with the wiki itself and cannot find it here, you may search in:

See Also